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Michael shared his experience, "I used for the first time to book a vacation and was beyond disappointed. I had a problem with the booking that they were not able to resolve because no one at would listen to the problem. The call center works off of a script and never focused at what the actual problem was with the booking. Fortunately I was able to resolve easily on my own directly with the hotel. Lesson learned- will always book directly with the hotel in the future."


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"I have been working at Cons: Don't let the salary allure you. Lower management gets punished if they don't fit in a certain mold. Doing your job well, going above and beyond is never enough. Politics is thick. You have vacation time but never time to take vacation because you have too much work. No work life balance. Forget about promotions on merit either."

Current Employee - Sales Agent says

"I have been working at full-time for less than a year Cons: If you're an average-to-good telesaleperson, you'll make slightly above minimum wage, like most people here do. Success depends largely on ruthlessness and an "us versus them" approach to customer service. Whether or not you make commission depends on many different factors, a large percentage of which lie totally outside of your control. This has been especially true ever since they implemented a phone system that directs high-paying customers to high-selling salespeople, and low-paying customers to low-selling salespeople, resulting in a vicious circle. People are marked off for taking bathroom breaks outside of pre-allocated break times, regardless of whether or not they have notes from a doctor. There is a fake "cheerleader" atmosphere that many will find cloying and off-putting. The building itself can start to feel like a prison after a while, and you will be marked off for taking bathroom breaks outside of your pre-allocated break times, regardless of whether or not you have a doctor's note. are particularly bad at working with the disabled, refusing to assist those who have trouble walking with parking issues. Additionally, it's like pulling teeth to get them to accommodate the disabled with the necessary seating arrangements. Those with hearing problems will have to pay out of their own pockets to acquire a special headset. Finally, are big fans of changing the terms of your contract without warning. Be very careful before agreeing to new terms."

Current Employee - Marketing Manager says

"I have been working at full-time for more than 3 years Cons: 1. There's little to no growth opportunities here, any jobs that open up they will seek a consultant outside the company to hire. All the best talent in the company are leaving due to no growth, micromanaging, and no clear direction. 2. Leadership being hired is clueless about the industry and job at hand. They are hiring consultants with no experience within the field or industry to lead teams. (Failure!) 3. Leadership is hiding behind micromanaging to pretend they know what they are doing. (Failure!) 4. 2014 they started taking away perks like Wednesday lunches in the Dallas office, Friday in office happy hours, monthly pizza gatherings because the Dallas VP/GM says it's not being appreciated and used properly. 5. If you are able to make great power points, claim others work as your own, and present this work as will move up quickly. 6. Unless you are with the "in crowd", wanting to kiss up to management and be fake all the time, you wont do well here. Imagine high school all over again. 7. Talent isn't appreciated, just what consulting firm you were at before joining the company."

Former Employee - Lodging Support Services Agent says

"I worked at full-time for less than a year Cons: $8.00-$12.00 per hour for direct-hire. Promotion based on favoritism. Employees who no-show/no-call are always good employees as long as they BROWN-NOSE shamelessly to all team leads & supervisors. Your faithful moral ethnics mean absolutely nothing here. The call center is crawling with ghetto agents, ghetto supervisors, ghetto team leads. No one cares because QA does not exist. Customers consistantly receive unbelieveably bad service and get hung up on because agents & mgmt knows QA is nonexistent. This job may be okay as long as you kiss everyone's butt regardless of how you are treated, regardless of how hard you work, and without recognition and/or reward. DEAD END JOB. There are some people who have been working 5+ years in the same dept without recognition nor promotion, and a ridiculous pay raise. But most ghetto folks will accept their fate there because they do not know any better. Until management decides to fire the whole call center for the umpteenth time. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME HERE SERIOUSLY."

Former Employee - Applications Engineer II says

"I worked at full-time for less than a year Cons: Joining the wrong team may become 6 (or more) long months of pain since internal job change is not possible within the first 6 months of employment. Management fails to address complaints and escalating the issues doesn't help. They rather try to forcefully change your mind rather than addressing the underlying issue. Utter lack of confidentiality in the management layer, so you should be very careful who you talk to. Reaching out to HR for help is useless and counter-productive as I have learned on my skin in the past few months."

Former Employee - Director says

"I worked at full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Where do I start? I can’t understand, for the life of me how 36% of the reviewers recommend Adam Jay. He is an incredibly sexist, uninspiring leader who has undone Johan’s great work in a matter of months. He’s created a very uninspiring boys club of a leadership, driving the company towards a cliff. Expect heavy churn!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at full-time for more than 5 years Cons: - Has turned very political in recent years with the 'Oxbridge' set being promoted/ rewarded and everyone else left to stagnate. - Although always part of Expedia Group it used to feel more like a startup within the bigger org., now feels like we are just unimportant cogs in the wheel waiting for Expedia brand to roll us into their org or make everyone redundant. - Pay is nowhere as close to industry averages as they would like you to think."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at full-time Cons: - Politics. Everything comes down to this. If you get Director/Team Lead and you don't fit into their vision, it gets very uncomfortable for you. - Promotions, pay rises, bonuses are supposedly based on your performance, but say something that your manager doesn't agree with and forget these altogether. - Credit seems to be given when you're a particular gender, rather than if you're actually doing a good job. - Conversion is everything. Forget doing cool stuff with technology, it's all about conversion. - You can be stuck working with managers who have no idea how to motivate a team or even speak to the team. - A lot of good engineers are walking because they are either not given an opportunity to shine or forced to do something they don't want to. - Team events are usually a load of nonsense."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"I worked at full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Direction less management Moving jobs to India and other locations and the way they do that is they frustrate people by one way or the other and once the person resigns his job is moved to Budapest or India. That is the reason only politicians make to the next level rest just work and leave in silence would recommend if you just want to have some easy time but if you are looking to make your career with them I'll advise caution. Most recently trouble makers i.e Managers/directors along with Interns have been tasked to do a PR for the company on glass doors and social Media so take their reviews with a kilo of salt."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at full-time for more than 3 years Cons: You don't need to learn new names because most people leave within 12 month"

Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"Management is biased especially during the coronavirus pandemic if your whistleblower or speak up for yourselves or other associate they will fire you one of the worst hotels I've work for in Las Vegas"

Former Manager (Former Employee) says

"Poor management isn't helping them to go far...terminating employees and filling their positions hiring and or bringing their own managers from others closed highgate hotels in NYC where was the loyalty they talked about? Cons: A lot"

Guest Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"Be prepared to get treated like a slave. Had worked at a previous “Hilton” property, also franchised like this one, and this one by far was the worst. The training was a horrible disorganized mess that should’ve made me realize I should run for the hills! At one point I was placed in the front while having to do the OnQ training and having to answer guests at the same time. Once I was placed in the front as an agent oh boy... did the fun begin. You’re essentially a conductor dealing with various players that are off in their own world and incredibly rude if you ever dare to tell them what to do. EVEN THOUGH THATS WHAT YOURE EXPECTED TO DO. Management will ALWAYS place the blame on you for everything and colleagues are more than happy to throw you under the bus to succeed in fake competitions made up by management, which is all they ever did. Attend meetings, have lunch and spy on you in the front office and leave at 5 PM on the dot every day. Expect to get yelled at on the daily by horrendous guests and of course management! Oh and here’s the kicker: no breaks! But lord forbid you ask to leave in time as your schedule dictates. Want another kicker? You have to pay for parking even tho they have a ton of space open in their lot. Imagine that. Cons: unorganized management, unhelpful Human Resources, rude general manager, low pay, no breaks"

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"Just stay away this is a terrible company with mediocre corporate HR don't bother. They don't care about you not tools toke your job and the blame game Cons: Everything"

Outlet Bartender (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work from HR to management staff. Major turnovers I saw over 6 GM’s 10 f&b directors and 3 HR directors. This hotel management company does not deserve the privilege to management properties in Miami Beach. Not professional under qualifieId terrible ratings. I don’t recommend anyone work for this subpar company."

Worker (Former Employee) says

"Don’t ever work at West Wood. That place only hires family and family friends. The nepotism and corruption runs rampant. OSHA and the BBB should investigate that area."

Bartender/Server (Former Employee) says

"Easily the worst ran hotel on Oahu. Embarrassed I wasted my time there. Food and beverage management is a joke, all the men try to hook up with guests and employees while being drunk the entire time and all the women try and show their power over everyone else by “powertripping” and abusing authority. HR plays favorites and picks and chooses who they help. Union is weak and union head is an embarrassment to ILWU. Hourly is good but that is the ONLY money"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company has a bad reputation, goes through employees like running water. In Miami they’re one of the worse run hotels. Long work hours, no work/life balance, steady stream of people leaving/being fired. This is why positions are always open. Where I was had gone through 5 General Managers in a year. Cons: No balance, awful corporate structure, rude senior leadership, high pressure."

Hotel Shuttle Driver (Former Employee) says

"Management has a very high turnover, and can be very critical and condescending. One individual who's very large, likes to spy on his employees through the bushes and through his office window, creating a paranoid environment. There's a terrible lack of communication and the vehicles are very unsafe and breaking down continuously. I wouldn't recommend working there unless you're extremely desperate Cons: Terrible management, and environment of paranoia"

Current member (Current Employee) says

"Too much favoritism by management with other nationality!! That’s why they have a high turnover for hiring in the housekeeping dept. Management has their favorites, and if they don’t like you, they will harass and nick pick with you!! Cons: Poor management in housekeeping"

Front Office Manager (Current Employee) says

"If only they run the hotel like an actual work place and not like a sorority/fraternity it would be great. But since it doesn't seem like that wish is possible I would not recommend Highgate my worst enemy. Cons: They don't ever give u the time off to use owed days, and when asked to be paid they tell u no u lose it."

Food Service Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Management is completely separate from the employees. There is very little if any communication from the higher ups to the front line employees who actually interact with the guests staying on property. Guests ask us many questions about the property and or the company and most of the time we have no idea what or how to answer. Guests also ask us about events coming up that have been sent to them via email and we have ZERO knowledge of such events...its just plain embarrassing. Rarely if ever do I see management engage with guests unless it is a problem situation. I have been in this industry for a long time and know how to do my job, however someone who is young and looking to learn will be left out in the cold...that's the Highgate style. Cons: Complete and total lack of accountability. Poor communication from management."

Front Desk (Former Employee) says

"Split Rock Resort, Terrible place to work, management treats you like dirt. HR dept was another joke, getting paid accurately and on time was another problem. They import foreign workers from different countries to do American jobs that are out of work in the area.They are managed by Highgate hotels. Cons: none at all"

Cosmetologist (Former Employee) says

"They don't care about their employees. They are very shady. Camelback owners were disgusting. Only gave us less than 2 weeks notice for laying the department off. Not to mention they had no details for us. Cons: Everything"

Food and Beverage (Former Employee) says

"No Parking (will cost you a fortune to park in miami) and the benefits are very expensive. Cons: expensive Health Care, No Parking, No Free lunches"

Food and Beverage Manager (Current Employee) says

"They promise you and never deliver. they call you up to HR and fire you for no reason what so ever.When ask why they letting you go, they don't have a reason bu that it contiguous. This is a very bad company to work for watch out. Cons: talk behind your back and recruit others to take your place right under your nose."

salaried (Former Employee) says

"The norm is 12, 13, 14 hours of work for everyone under salary, whereas hourly paid employees can not exceed a minute after 8 hrs work, without being approved by GM and you get emails why they are staying longer than necessary, while keeping salaried folks 12hrs a day...such a funny company! Cons: disorganized, no job security, preferential treatment"

hourly employee (Former Employee) says

"Poorly managed company with incompetent management and poor technology in place. The profit margin is the only currency they believe in, which brings about high employee turnover , low employee morale, deceitful practices both towards corporate guests and employees (ruled by fear making hourly employees punching out and coming back to office when they should be leaving home). Its one thing on the paper and another in reality! Cons: too many to list"

Department Manager (Former Employee) says

"The other reviews do not lie - avoid this company at all costs. Cons: See above - no meals, no break room, no offices"

Front Office (Former Employee) says

"Three strikes I am out in a sad , hotel industry. Highgate , Interstate and Remington Hotels are just badly run companies. Highgate is the worst and known for their poor HR standards,. Remington so cheap and micro-managed and Interstate wants only Yes lackeys in management! I am a United Airline flight attendant now! Finally redemption for a poor first career choice Cons: HR is racist...GM is arrogant ...corporate is a joke!!"

ADB says

"Have talked to yet another representative who cannot figure out how to get me the money they owe me - one refund, one mistake on their part and one 'sorry we mucked you around again' credit. They have said they have sent me emails with the information but they have never arrived. The last representative told me they do have problems with this - very poor that they can't sort this out in this day and age. So after 30mins on the phone trying to sort this, they cut me off - obviously they can't figure it out so this is their solution. They asked for my phone number to call me back if this happened, but they did not call back. They have also locked a free night that I earned. So they owe me lots of money and despite multiple phone calls, cannot/ will not sort it out. Appalling service."

Unhappy Client says

"I had to cancel a reservation due to Covid 19. The reservation was made and prepaid for before the pandemic started and had to be cancelled because we couldn't travel internationally. I have made many attempts to get a refund in vain. I am very disappointed in their customer service."

Liz Pilkington says

"Awful. Totally unhelpful. I booked a room on the Ryanair platform with This was before Covid started but the booking should have been happening this week. I booked a week at the Jable Bermudas hotel in Lanzarote. Flights are cancelled and Lanzarote is in level 4 lockdown so I should be entitled to a refund. I spoke to chatbots 3 times and got 3 different stories. Ryanair are insistent that this is responsibility so I spoke on the phone to who again insisted it is Ryanair and hung up on me. I will never use them again. I can now add more to the tale. Later the same person from got back to me. She had cut me off when trying to get through to Ryanair but she would try again to put me through. This time she put me through to a hotel Manager in Mexico???"

Camilla Møller Hansen says

"Me and my boyfriend stayed at a Hotel we booked through in the summer of 2020. The stay was HORRIFIC, and to make a very long written complaint short, I can say that we experienced the following: - VERY poor customer service, etc. staff coming unannounced and uninvited into our room and waking us up several times. - NO cleaning despite several messages and agreements with the staff. As I have very bad allergy, and there were NO cleaning, our stay were ruined by very bad allergy "outbreak". - NO toiletpaper, no clean towels etc. as the cleaning staff did not show up doing our stay - only at our very last day. - We paid for a doubbleroom with a doublebed, but got a room with two singlebeds, that barely could be pushed together. - Prostitutes were coming in and out of the hotel, and drug dealers and users were hanging on every corner of the hotel. I am aware can't control the hotels rules or environment, but "sells" this hotel as a family friendly hotel with "good standart", - this has by far been the worst experience I have ever had, and I felt very unsafe there. still provide this hotel at their site, and have not taking any action to make them take action for their missing services, we actually paid for something we did not get. The above points are by no means acceptable - it is unhygienic and so bad service that we are over the point of what is even just OK. It has ruined the holiday for me and my boyfriend who is really sad about our experience as it has taken a lot of energy and time from us. In addition, we are both students and do not have much money, which makes this experience even more annoying, as we have saved up for a while to be able to afford to leave. The above made us strongly consider booking another hotel, but with our financial means this was not possible. A hotel with so bad a standard should not be rented out by at all. Considering the above information, we certainly do not consider it reasonable that we should pay for the stay, why we ask to be refunded for our stay. Since our stay (now for almost 6 months), I have tried to contact your customer service that refuses to take responsibility. The answer is that the hotel will need to approve a refund, but the hotel has not even replied our complains even we sent it both via email and at their contact form at their homepage. I have asked a thousand times for an email to your customer service to send in an formal complaint - or any contact information for someone "in charge" as I can only contact you by Messanger - you standard answer every time is to use your homepages contact form - but there isn't any which we also have told you several times. So you have been of NO help and since these very superficial answers, you haven't answered any of my messages. As provide booking at this Hotel, I expect you to take responsibility (especially when the Hotel will not – they have as mentioned not even shown the respect to answer our several inquiries). After this “incident” the Hotel is still bookable on your homepage, and no actions has been taking to ensure your customers rights and satisfaction. This is by far the worst experience of "customer service" I have ever tried and it seems like you have gone out of your way to make this whole process of complaining so long and impossible as possible, so your customers will give up. With this horrific experience with, I am not very hopeful that will show any responsibility at all, but I hope that will change my mind and fix this immediately!"

Frida Bisgaard Laursen says

"NEVER choose"

Corey Smith says

"The hotel was very nice and management was great but i would not book through.They charged be for a breakfast for two when they knew good and well it was not offered at this property and was negligent is making the corrections on their website after being told repeatedly by management of the also does not do a good job disclosing to their customers about the $25.00 a day for parking at the hotel. When your trying to get reimbursed money plan being on the phone forever.I on the phone now as i am writing this and it has been 45 mins with nothing resolved. Not Happy. Stay away from they have customer service issues."

Clive Murray says

"Awful experience with They stated in my booking that I could have a free cancellation and get full refund. However when I cancelled my trip they reneged on their promise and wouldn't give me a refund. Would not recommend tham at all."

J H says

"Update 24/01/2021: Still waiting on a refund for a room booked for April 2020!"

Carolyn P says

"I used to book an eight-night stay at a Holiday Inn, and had to pre-pay all eight nights. This is a small town with only two hotels, so I had little option. The first night, I wound up needing to stay near my dying mother (her terminal illness was the reason for my travel.) She passed away the next day, and I went to the hotel to check in. Once there, they told me that I had "forfeited" my booking by checking in late, and that this was a policy. No matter who I talked to, neither party would give me the hotel stay I had paid for, despite understanding the reason. Since then, I have been pursuing a refund, and simply will not hear it. The hotel won't work with me at all, they just say I have to work it out with This has been an unbearably miserable experience at a terrible time."

Fady Fam says

"I booked a hotel through them back in August but couldn’t make it due to the current pandemic. I still haven’t gotten my refund or credit till this day. I spoke to over than 30 costumer service rep. They either leave me on hold then disconnect the call or they claim they can’t reach the resort to resolve the matter. They referred the call to back office. Then the back office contacted me about a completely different hotel. After all that miss they now claim that they can’t get the refund from the hotel."

Aidan Doherty says

"Booked a holiday for March 2020. An expensive holiday. The hotel that represent cancelled the booking themselves. They refused a refund, simply because the hotel in question "Astotel Hotel" refused to give one. How can you set this type of precedent? The hotel itself ignored our emails for weeks until they accidently emailed the wrong person discussing a different case (GDPR breach). In this email they had included the GM so I emailed him personally and had a response within hours after nothing for weeks. The hotel outright refused a refund and made us chose a voucher and if we weren't able to go on the trip in the allotted time we would be given a refund. We are not able to go on this trip regardless of voucher and the voucher is about to expire. They have basically stolen our money and refuse to give it back. It has been 11 months. The kicker? The hotel has temporarily suspended operations. So now our emails and phone calls are going nowhere. refuse to help or issue a refund. I would strongly advise that you do not booking anything through"

gulizar kel says

"this is crazy I make a booking for 3 nights and they take the money out from my credit card net min I got a email from them my booking cancel and they don't even help worst company to make a booking I would never ever make a booking with this company"

Maia says

"Would give 0 if I could, avoid at all costs. My Portugal holiday was cancelled last summer due to the pandemic but the hotel refused to give me a refund because they said I was the one cancelling (even though I wasn’t physically allowed in the country?!) and did absolutely nothing. No credit note, no refund, they just told me that I wasn’t eligible and £1.4k went down the drain just like that. Take heed and AVOID this unaccountable service and Hotel Casino in Portimao."

Josue Claudio Dantas says

"I wouldn't recommend this service to my worst enemy. They are fast to charge you and extremely lazy to refund your money. They'll make you wait on the phone for hours Even if your issue is easy to handle. I called 4 times and I had to repeat what happened 4 times.. They don't even care. Find something else, this one is horrible."

Carrie Askren says

"If I could give zero stars I would. I’ve booked with this company many times for the guaranteed cancellation without penalty. Apparently they can misrepresent this because if the hotel decides they are not going to allow you to cancel, does nothing. They drag out the appeal process until it’s too late to cancel and then tell you they stand by the hotel’s policy. It’s fraud. Never use this company. Worst customer service experience I’ve ever experienced. I will be filing a Better Business Bureau complaint and contacting an attorney."

Chris says

"Stay clear, refused a refund (due to Covid restrictions meaning we were unable to go on the date requested) or change of date because we used clubcard vouchers."


"We booked for Geneva through before COVID19 was declared a pandemic. Booking was for June 2020. Now is not refunding our money and informing me us as per the conditions we have to use the same hotel by June 2021 for which they have issued the voucher. My question to is: 1- never informed us that in case of force majeure like pandemic still we will have to use the same hotel with no refund; under the normal circumstances I would have never contested their decision. 2- All the outbound flights from US to Europe are on hold. should realize we will not be able to utilize the voucher even if the conditions get back to normal, no one in sane mind will try to travel for leisure this year . 3- There are no signs of Europe opening for US tourist. 4- We even asked them to give as the open voucher to be used in any of the affiliated hotel around the world as we are not asking for refund. If anyone of you know the regulatory bodies dealing such cases please let me know. Yesterday representative who was very passionate with our case told us that she will look in to my request and will get back to me soon. Thanks."

Nanine Nyman McCool says

"I booked a room and the dates were wrong b/c's website will routinely change the dates you put in if it's trying to push a certain hotel or deal. I usually catch it but this time I had just paid when I noticed the dates. I cancelled within a minute and rebooked for the new dates, but now will not refund me the original booking b/c it says it has to get "authority" from the property. It's pure crap. I didn't pay the property; the property have my money. does and I'll never use them again."

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